Customer Self Help Over the Phone

Best Practice Systems provides an advanced, feature rich, and fully integrated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution that gives your customers an easy way to check account balances and make payments over the phone. Balance inquiries, payments, and other account actions taken are tracked real-time to provide your CSR's instantly updated information about account activity. Your customers can take advantage of self-help features that are simple and easy to use. With our professionally recorded and custom built menu structures, your customers can navigate the menus quickly and effectively. Our experience developing smart structured and easy to understand Voice prompts saves your customers time and confusion and helps to lower your overall costs by reducing telecom charges.

BPS IVR solutions are completely scalable to meet the most demanding volume requirements during peak calling times, emergencies, or other unexpected events. With our call volume management tools, you get the lines you need, when you need them, without having to pay for extra lines that aren't in use.