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Our smart, efficient CSR software called Waypoint™ gives you control and peace of mind. Manage customer data, speed up transactions, monitor bill presentment and printing, reset passwords, unlock accounts, enable CSR payments -- you can do it all with Waypoint™.

Waypoint™ is a revolutionary back office tool to manage your eBill, print & mail functions. The dictionary defines Waypoint™ as, "A point between major points on a route, as along a track." Waypoint™ tracks your bill file from reception to delivery.

Tracker Tools

Waypoint™ has several "Tracker" tools which give you quick and easy access to important information as your bill file travels through the billing system software from processing to delivery. You also have tools to track emails and customer enrollments. All web based billing solutions should have efficient tracking at your finger tips. Following are just a few of the powerful Tracker tools found in Waypoint™:

  • Print Tracker: The print tracker keeps your print files on track from upload to print. Also you have powerful filters to find the exact file for which you are looking.

  • eBill Tracker: The eBill tracker like Print Tracker keeps your electronic bill file on course until it reaches its final destination, your customer. With a glance you can see successful file uploads and how many bills were processed. Or you can filter to the job you want and the job detail is a quick click away.

  • Statement Tracker: "Seeing is believing" said a wise philosopher. Statement tracker gives your CSR an exact online replica of the paper copy the customer is holding in their hands. Your CSR is empowered with a quick search and find utility which will allow them to view any customer invoice. Whether large, medium, or small business billing software must allow easy access to customer's statements.

  • Account Tracker: Managing accounts is quick and easy with Account Tracker. Your CSR, while talking on the phone with a customer, can enroll customers to access their electronic bill, look up their account information, or see other users who are authorized to access the account. Add to Account Tracker the ability for a CSR to parallel a customer as the customer navigates through the billing system software and you have a powerful tool with which to serve your customer.

  • Customer Tracker: Search for customers by name and with a click you can see their status in the eBill system or if they are enrolled at MyCheckFree.com or other consolidated eBill sites.  You can activate or deactivate their eBill account or help them reset their password.


Waypoint™ reports give you the power to update your accounting system with an xml download or a thorough analysis of invoice information with an Excel spreadsheet. Web based billing software can be so much more than a simple eBill system. It should be, and with Waypoint™ will be, a comprehensive reporting tool. Waypoint™ includes the following standard reports:

  • Enrollment Report: A quick look at customers who currently use the eBill system.

  • Statement View Status: The "Statement View Status" report lets you know at a glance whether a bill has been viewed or not or even if it was downloaded. Filtering on not viewed bills is simple and sending a quick email reminder is effortlessly done.

  • Job Details: When you need a report on the details of a specific file upload the Job Details report is the one for you. Quickly see when a job was received and processed.

  • Not Enrolled Report: Do you want to send a focused direct mail to all who are not enrolled in the eBill system? Use the Not Enrolled Report.

  • Paper Suppression: Quickly count the number of customers not wanting paper bills.

  • Payment Detail: Viewing payments made and received is simple with the Payment detail report. You can even view automatic bill pay initiated activity.

  • CheckFree Distribution Report:See who of your customers is using the CheckFree distribution network.

Find Out More

Find out more about Waypoint™ by clicking here to set up a demonstration or by giving Best Practice Systems a call. Don't let your bill lose its way, use Waypoint.