Fuel a new, money-saving billing solution.

In the propane industry, consolidation is currently the name of the game. Our solution offers a flexible billing tool, allowing propane companies to brand different bills and websites with the appropriate local name, yet still integrate and consolidate all payment allocation and reporting correctly on the back-end. Here are just a few more ways we customize solutions for propane companies.

Choose invoices and statements.

BPS’ solution allows you to show invoices or statements to your customers. The customer can decide whether to pay or view at the invoice or statement level. This provides an elegant solution for both your business and residential customers.

Real-time communication is a plus.

To notify customers of the time of a service call or scheduled refill, BPS offers real-time communication through phone, email and text.

Cut costs through digital solutions.

BPS answers demands for both print and Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment while significantly reducing costs and improving the customer experience. By pushing customers to enroll in EBPP, we can also cut customer service calls as customers can view payment options, payment and bill history, and usage graphs right from their computers.

Budget billing options available.

Budget billing helps utility customers pay a set amount each month, and our solution is designed to accommodate this program.

Cross-selling is easy.

Expanding your offerings? Our Dynamic Marketing can selectively promote appropriate products or services to prospects who are prime for cross-selling.