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Our clients run the gamut from insurance companies to utilities. Based on our depth and breadth of experience, Best Practice Systems can create custom solutions that maximize the right technology and yield bottom-line savings for any industry. Here are a few examples of some industries we serve:


When it comes to offering insurance companies robust billing solutions that answer industry-specific needs, Best Practice Systems delivers .... read more >>


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Utilities are often under scrutiny from the governing bodies and the public concerning rates. And like other consumers today, utility customers are demanding more convenient ways to pay bills.... read more >>

Health Insurance

Best Practice Systems works closely with health insurance companies to customize billing solutions that meet a wide variety of requirements. Recognizing the importance of HIPPA compliance, BPS provides high-level security .... read more >>


In the propane industry, consolidation is currently the name of the game. Our solution offers a flexible billing tool, allowing propane companies to.... read more >>