Reap the benefits of our billing expertise.

Best Practice Systems works closely with health insurance companies to customize billing solutions that meet a wide variety of requirements. Recognizing the importance of HIPPA compliance, BPS provides high-level security for both print facilities and data sources to ensure all personally identifiable information is thoroughly protected. Here’s more on how BPS tailors its solutions for the health insurance industry.

We deliver your documentation securely.

Through print, web or mobile applications, BPS securely delivers the following documentation:

  • Insurance renewals
  • Premium notices
  • Explanation of benefits
  • Claims processing
  • Customer welcome packs
  • Brochures

Count on our 100% Delivery Guarantee.

Knowing how important it is to ensure documentation reaches the insured, we offer a 100% Delivery Guarantee confirming delivery through the proper channel.

Choose from multiple payment channels.

Need a system for phone payments, web payments and CSR payments? BPS offers options for all the above.

Group or individual? Our solution covers both.

We’ve crafted an electronic billing system that satisfies the special needs of both group insured and individually insured. Individuals like the ease of an online payment system that allows viewing and paying of bills with minimal clicks. And groups enjoy a more sophisticated system allowing roster adjustment, and viewing and paying of bills at the invoice level.

Cross-selling is easy.

Our Dynamic Marketing can selectively promote appropriate products or services to prospects who are prime for cross-selling.