Billing solutions that keep pace with your business.

Juggling more transactions and invoices than average consumers, business customers require a different kind of billing solution. At Best Practice Systems, we understand the unique dynamics of the business-to-business audience and have developed billing solutions that work very efficiently in this fast-paced environment.

Choose invoices and statements.

Some business customers like to pay off of invoices; others like statements. Our invoice system satisfies both needs. Customers can see all individual invoices, credits, debit memos and unapplied cash. In totality, these individual documents give business customers a real view of balances due. Or, they can opt for a single statement from which to pay off.

Cut costs through digital solutions.

No one knows better than today’s businesses how important it is to conserve time and money. BPS can help by encouraging customers to suppress paper and move to Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment. In fact, this strategy of a low-cost print option combined with a heavy emphasis on increasing EBPP participation has saved some businesses up to 50 percent in their billing costs.

Customize with unique features.

Whether a business customer wants to short-pay invoices, take advantage of early-pay discounts, or provide different terms and conditions for different customers, BPS’ solution accommodates these options.

Give them the preferred email billing.

We can securely attach PDFs of invoices to emails - the delivery option most business customers prefer.

Allow for the business of business.

Our system allows business customers to pay on multiple invoices, file adjustments and optionally dispute invoice amounts. Only current invoices are displayed which provides a real time online statement at all times..