• BEST PRACTICE SYSTEMS IS NOW A DIVISION OF BILLTRUSTIn January 2013, Best Practice Systems merged with Billtrust, North America's leader in outsourced billing solutions. With nine locations and the industry's most advanced technology, we are more equipped than ever to provide companies with the best in outsourced billing solutions.
  • Electronic BillingYour customers are looking for the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to pay their bills. The Best Practice Systems (BPS) Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) solution enables your customers to view and pay their bills online. Presenting your bill online and allowing your customers to make online payments dramatically increases customer satisfaction and greatly reduces your overall billing and payment processing costs. The Best Practice Systems Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) solution presents a full PDF replica of your bill along with a comprehensive billing and payment history. Customers no longer need to call into customer service to inquire about payment status or to request information about their billing history. Customers may also decide to suppress their paper bills. Best Practice Systems provides advanced marketing tools that help make paper suppression easy and encourage your customers to participate in this green initiative. Every paper bill that can be delivered electronically means less paper waste which is better for the environment and saves you money as well.
  • Mobile SolutionsBest Practice Systems (BPS) has a sophisticated lineup of mobile billing solutions that are compatible with virtually every major mobile platform to meet the ever increasing needs of mobile users. The Best Practice Systems Mobile solution provides comprehensive bill presentment and payment tools along with an array of billing and payment history and reporting features. These tools help you save money by increasing your customer’s self-help abilities and reducing customer service and bill printing costs. No matter what kind of mobile device your customer wants to use, whether it is an iPad™, iPhone™, Android™ device, BlackBerry™, or Windows™ Mobile device, our solution supports a broad range of operating systems and hardware configurations to ensure the highest level of compatibility for all customers. Best Practice Systems (BPS) also provides easy to use SMS and text message billing and payment solutions that expand mobile presentment and payment options to virtually every mobile device on the market including feature phones. Customers can receive bill summaries via text and use text messages to make payments and receive payment confirmations. They can even use text messages to gain access to customer service and help features.
  • Payment ProcessingBest Practice Systems (BPS) provides a full line-up of payment processing services for all major electronic payment methods including ACH, e-check, credit cards and debit cards. Our Merchant Services experts ensure that you receive the best possible rates for merchant processing and taking advantage of applicable utilities credit discounts, least cost routing, emerging market rates, and the industry’s most competitive discount rates available. Best Practice Systems provides a fully functional payment center that can work directly within its eBill Payment and Presentment solution or as a stand-alone service for on-demand payments. For billers that are unable to absorb the cost of merchant processing, Best Practice Systems can provide convenience fee systems for on-demand payments alleviating the cost of merchant and credit card processing fees.
  • Invoice and Statement Print and Mail ServicesBest Practice Systems provides the industry’s most advanced invoice and statement printing and mailing services. We use Digital Press Technology combined with comprehensive tracking, reporting, and quality control processes to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy while cutting costs to save you money. Our full-color printing capabilities provide enterprise level quality and features at a cost that is typically less than black and white printing. We provide advanced dynamic marketing capabilities for custom full color and graphic and text messages that can be customized based on unique customer details. Communicate with your customers in ways that you never thought possible. The potential for marketing and communication is limitless. With Best Practice Systems lower printing costs is just the beginning of saving on your total billing price tag. Our printing facilities deliver Billions of statements and invoices every year. Take advantage of our postal pre-sort and comingling services to guarantee the best possible mail and postage rates possible.
  • Phone IVREFFICIENT EASY TO USE PHONE PAYMENT SYSTEMS. The Best Practice Systems (BPS) IVR solution provides yet another simple way for your customers to manage their accounts and make payments without adding to the load on your customer service representatives. IVR systems can take care of the mundane tasks and free up your customer service personnel for more important customer interactions. Customers can easily check account balances, due dates, account usage information, and other bill related data over the phone. They can also make payment arrangements and be transferred to your customer service team if required. The Best Practice Systems (BPS) IVR solution also supports outbound IVR notifications. This technology delivers the ability to have the billing system automatically trigger outbound soft and hard collections notifications, past due notifications, and service termination warnings. Our IVR solution also supports outbound blast phone calls for emergency notifications and warnings. Our IVR systems are completely scalable with the capacity of handling thousands of simultaneous calls. This gives us the capability of handling volumes of any size and scope from the largest utility companies to small businesses and municipalities.
  • PCI LEVEL 1 SECURITY STANDARDSCUT THROUGH THE RED TAPE - PCI COMPLIANCE MADE EASY. PCI Compliance has over 3,000 security requirements with harsh repercussions for non-compliance. Obtaining the highest level of compliance can be very challenging and extremely prohibitive no matter what your company or agency’s size. Best Practice Systems (BPS) takes care of all the compliance requirements for you enabling you to focus on your customers rather than get caught in compliance and regulatory red tape. We build hosted billing presentment and payment web sites that exceed the highest levels of security standards. All Best Practice Systems solutions are engineered to meet the absolute highest level of PCI Compliance (PCI Level 1 Compliance).
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