View bills and make payments with just a click!

The Best Practice Systems fully hosted billing presentment and payment website allows your customers to completely manage their financial activities online. We configure our site with your images, colors, and branding to provide a familiar and safe environment for your customers to access their bills and pay online in confidence. The process is seamless, intuitive and easy for users of all backgrounds and ages to use. Our solution enables your customers to:

  • View an exact replica of the bill’s paper version.
  • Use a Credit Card, Debit Card, or Electronic Check to pay their bills online.
  • View a history of their statements and payments (13 months of billing history is standard, additional history can be enabled if required.)
  • View usage history, meter data, and graphs.
  • Set up recurring or automatic payments to pay their bills automatically upon the receipt of a statement or upon the due date as desired.
  • Store bank and credit card payment information for future use.
  • Configure the alerts that they would like to receive via email. They may also specifiy if they want to receive a PDF attachment of their bill along with their email notifications.
The Best Practice Systems billing solution offers valuable functionality to billers of every kind. We give you the ability to configure the system to allow customers to make invoice adjustments that you can then review or create custom targeted messages to advertise or communicate with your customers in ways never before possible.