Present Your Bills Directly to Customers Through Bank Websites

Fiserv: A trusted service customers can bank on.

Customers want to pay their bills online. They want to view their payment histories. They want PDFs of their statements attached to emails. And according to a 2011 study by InfoTrends, 15 percent of people surveyed prefer to pay their bills through their own bank’s channel. Fiserv, the world’s largest bill presentment and payment platform delivering to more than 3,000 financial institutions and banks, makes this process possible. And as part of the Fiserv Distribution Network, Best Practice Systems can deliver this functionality to your customers. It’s a great way to increase suppression of paper bills and build your brand loyalty, too.

Through the Fiserv Distribution Network, you gain:

  • Immediate adoption of electronic bill presentation and payment

  • Increased exposure with your company name and logo appearing on more than 3,000 banks’ bill-pay picklists

  • Dramatically improved Fiserv cash remittance with cash remitted electronically to the correct lockbox everytime