With Best Practice Systems, Going Paperless is Easy.

Your customers want the convenience and control provided by Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) solutions. Best Practice Systems (BPS) has been providing enterprise level billing systems to the nation’s top companies and agencies since 2001. Secured online delivery of invoices and statements, as well as the secure collection of payments gives the customer an easy way to manage and pay bills online. This can significantly reduce your agency’s bill printing, postage, and payment and check processing costs. Online reporting and billing history features also allow your customers to get the self-help they need without having to contact your customer service

Quick and easy implementation with a simple billing data file.

Best Practice Systems supports file and print formats of any kind. Our comprehensive file reader technology enables us to implement our solutions with minimal effort required from our clients IT personnel. This drastically reduces the monetary costs as well as the time and personnel costs of implementation.

Email Notifications and Alerts For Your Customers.

Best Practice Systems (BPS) provides a secure means for delivering email notifications to your customers. We can deliver bill availability messages or complete bill replicas sent via email as an encrypted PDF. With advanced email delivery and tracking technology combined with easy to use bounce back management, your billing administrators will have complete control over how your messages are received.

Custom Billing Websites and Mobile Solutions

BPS will provide your customers with easy access to their bills and simple easy to use payment features with a custom built billing website and mobile solution that are branded and skinned to match your existing website. This stie can be configured to operate within your existing site for a more streamlined and familiar experience for your customers.

Automatic and Recurring Payments.

The Best Practice Systems electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) solution fully supports automatic, recurring, and scheduled payments. Customers have the ability to schedule, modify, and cancel these payments without having to contact your customer service department. Simple and easy to use auto-payment tools help to increase user satisfaction as well as reduce payment DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and lower the number of failed, late, or past due payments.